The club for the young dog trainers and its benefits for children.

A child’s education has always been an important part of life for both parents and the children themselves, but when choosing the right education, the question arises in which direction to teach the child? We would like to offer you an option for consideration – this is the club for young dog trainers.

So, what is taught in this club, and what future awaits for the child after learning in it?

The club for young dog trainers is a study where children learn how to behave with dogs, the rules of caring and keeping a dog. Uncontrolled dogs in various conditions of society are a burden to its owner, as well as a danger to other people. Teaching the child how properly care for their dog, the rules of the dog’s upbringing and training, and much more is included in the training program.

From a long time dogs have had a special significance in the life of man. This is the most social animal in the world, which has been living for a long with its owner, shares with it both the joys and sorrows of life, moving with people step by step.

And why then do we have to teach the child how to behave with the dog, if it is a social animal?

As for the education, such qualities as responsibility, concern, leadership, psychological freeness, kindness, and love are all that your child can receive while training at the club for young dog trainers.

The training program includes theory and the practice. It harmoniously intertwines with active and interesting studies. The children study physiology and psychology of the dog, as well as the history of the origin of the dog and the scope of the dog’s use in the civil, military and police service. “You will always be responsible for that whom you have tamed,”  are the famous words that belong to the French writer and pilot, Antoine de Saint-Exupery.

Observing the regime of feeding, walking, combing out and washing the dog, is all work in which the child is inculcated with an important quality of the person – this is responsibility. Also, the children have the training course in teaching obedience skills to the dogs. They make out in details each element, learn to control the dog, begin to understand in what way and method it is necessary to motivate the dog so that she wants their relationship between the child and the dog to be friendly and harmonious. During the training of the dog, qualities of the leader are formed in the child. It is his responsibility to ensure that the dog be on time, in the right circumstances, and be obeyed because of the correct clear commands that the child gives to his dog with the voice or gesture. The child begins to realize that the dog needs his help and support, and it depends on the correctness and accuracy of the commands that the owner gives to his dog. Also, the children study theory during the studies, observe the safety precautions while working with different dogs and are trained in various courses, such as basic obedience training, and protection dog training. They learn to train the dog in searching after the scent trail, are trained in the special physical exercises with which they will be trained in order to develop their four-pawed friend and these things they will do with understanding and responsibility.

In those families in which there are one or more dogs are living, this is a good opportunity to receive the training, both for the dog and for their child.

The ability to concentrate together, be diligent, and also to be responsible, because the dog, in principle, is like teaching a small child. They do not yet have the skill of the perseverance, of the concentration of attention in some matters, and these qualities have to be instilled in your child and dog so that between family and dog has a dialogue in which they are able to understand each other. The social conditions around us are the fairly active life rhythm with all the modern technologies and infrastructures that surround us, and at the time when we are going for a walk, for example, there should be caution in both the child and the dogs while crossing the road – this is in public places such as park, parking places for the car, joint trips, and all of this requires a certain safety rules with your dog. As parents instill the rules in their child, in result, the child uses such rules in order to teach his four-pawed friend with the full responsibility and the awareness that the dog needs their help. The ability to clean up after the dog, the ability to handle a dog’s place of living, are all necessary qualities for the whole family, in which the child is brought up as a person, as a leader, and this is an important part of the dog handling culture that is instilled not only to the child, but also by all family members.

Dogs are the main studying process in the club for young dog trainers, but what if there is no dog at home? In this case, it is a good opportunity to give the similar education to your child since in the dog training center there are special dogs they can use that will help your child get a proper education.

Before you buy a four-pawed friend for the house, many people should think it over carefully before making such a decision. Our club for young dog trainers will help you and your child to be prepared for this important event because the education of dog handling and training are better to be learned before the acquisition of a new dog.

The children who have grown fond of the profession of dog training in the future can build their career with the dog training education and get a higher education, enter the civil service, become a veterinarian, earn a doctorate level in the science of the dog handling in different fields of the dog’s use, and has a large career range. At the moment, the dog provides the assistance to people in the various spheres, for example, military and police service, and in civil spheres, it is the dog that helps people in different areas of the life. It is a good opportunity for children to spend time learning to teach dogs, in turn, teaching themselves to become both more educated and cultured.

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