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The Royal Dog Academy Company in Northridge Los Angeles: your pets are our concern and work

You have a dog, but you do not know how to start her upbringing? Then welcome to our company. While you are resting or doing your own business, the dog gets everything that is the best for her: education, treating, dog training, daycare, grooming and other services. There is a dog hotel.

The Dog Training Center of the Royal Dog Academy Company is the international experience, professional approach, and high-quality service.

Many dog owners dream about the professional service for their pets. However, how to make the right choice so as not to make a mistake and entrust your four-pawed friend to the professionals who will guarantee the best result?

The Dog Training Center of The Royal Dog Academy Company in Northridge is precisely the service that you need, for the upbringing and training your four-legged friend. It does not matter how old is your pet, or what kind of its breed – our company specializes in all services for decorative, K9 and hunting dog training.

Northridge, like its surroundings, has its specifics. The conditions of life of the owners with their dogs are different: communities, private houses with their territory or apartments in densely populated areas. By considering the living conditions of the dog and the factors that are influencing it, the professional trainers of the Dog Training Center of the Royal Dog Academy Company develop and offer the specifics of individual training for each dog. A vast variety of programs, an integrated approach to the training and maintaining the animal, the full range of dog training services that are providing the dog with the necessary equipment, food, vitamins for the time of training – all this is already available in Northridge, in the Royal Dog Academy Company.

The Dog training center is 17.000 square feet on which are located: a zone for the keeping of dogs, a daycare zone, a hotel of all levels, grooming, training halls, training classes and office facilities. Take your four-pawed friend to the training or leave for a while at our center. The professionals will be working with him. Our primary task is to help everyone who wants to learn professionally, to educate their four-pawed friends. The team of the Dog Training Center has the responsible approach to all of the duties of raising, caring, and training of dogs because they love their work.

We train the instructors-dog trainers and professional groomers. The club “young dog trainer” was opened. All classes are conducted at a high professional level. We work with the different professional breeds – like German and Belgian sheepdogs. Military and police officers are studying with the individual K9 trainer and have special seminars, where the professional trainers teach the dogs about the K9 tactics, like the search for the explosives and narcotic drugs. In many countries, for example, America, Israel, Russia, Germany, our specialists promote the security by using well-trained K9 dogs. The K9 handler that is searching for the explosives protects strategic and civilian, public facilities, performs round-the-clock patrolling with an individual detector dog, performs preventive cleaning of the premises of the shopping centers, airports, and other necessary facilities.

The Dog Training Center of the Royal Dog Academy Company provides its services in the field of the grooming, professional training, and the keeping of dogs. We not only take care of all the problems that you have with your four-pawed friends, but we also can teach you to solve them on your own.

You need to leave for a while, and your dog has nowhere to go? We have a hotel for dogs. The offers – from the most affordable to premium, and this – expensive rooms, single room, home furnishings, TV, video camera, so that the owner could see what his four-pawed friend is doing at the moment. The professional Groomer, at your request, will wash and make good looking for your dog before returning home.

There are group dog training sessions and seminars for the dog breeders. They will be available to everyone who lives in Los Angeles, and for those who live in Northridge.

The Dog Training Center Northridge of the Royal Dog Academy Company is ready to fulfill any order, starting from the state, and ending with any request from a private person.



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