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The training of the dogs in Woodland Hills

Among the dog breeders-beginners, there is an opinion that training their dog is not at all necessary, and her pranks are just an age matter. As the practice shows, such arguments are erroneous and can lead to the fact that the dog becomes uncontrollable at all. In order that your pet will become the friend of the family, will be calm and be balanced, so you should ask for the help of the experienced trainers of the dog training in Woodland Hills – from the Master Dog Training School in Los Angeles.

Our school has more than ten years of experience in the training of dogs of the different breeds and ages. The high quality of the work is confirmed by the vast number of the positive feedback from the customers who have already completed the training courses at Canoga Park in Los Angeles.

In order to achieve the maximum result of the training of dogs in Canoga Park, Hidden Hills, Winnetka, our professional dog trainers take into account the following factors:

  • Age – the older the dog, the harder it gets the training and badly remembers even the simple commands of the obedience;
  • Temperament – which affects the behavior and the learning ability;
  • Breed – affects such characteristics as the stamina, behavioral characteristics, the presence of the certain shortcomings or advantages that may affect the quality of the training;
  • The area of the dog’s living – how much people live, the peculiarities of the area. This will help to accustom the dog to a certain environment, with which the will meet every day during the walks.

Thanks to this approach, our club is getting the necessary result of the training in the shortest possible time.

The price of the dog training services in the Woodland Hills in Los Angeles depends on the training program you have chosen and the qualifications of the dog trainer that will conduct the training. The cost of all additional services is calculated exclusively individually

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