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What exactly do we mean when we talk about a trained dog?

First of all, we begin by picking a right puppy. To select a puppy, the dog trainer inspects the litter judging the candidates by the following criteria:

  • Socialization.  The puppy feels comfortable in an unfamiliar place and eagerly explores the surroundings.  It is active and friendly with unfamiliar people and animals.
  • Health.  The puppy has all the vaccinations required at its age, and it has been regularly checked up by a vet. The puppy has sleek and shiny hair, clear ears, hard stool, and a great appetite.
  • Temperament. The puppy excites quickly and easily, and relaxes quickly as well. It is always eager to play.
  • Psyche.  The puppy is calm and steady; it is not afraid of loud sounds, flashes of light, darkness; it does not fear being left alone.
  • Pedigree. The service qualities, the level of socialization, and the stability of the nervous system are all checked.

A puppy that meets all these requirements starts it training at 2 months of age. The dogs are trained at the canine center. The training course is divided into 5 stages.

The first stage: a general obedience course, then the dog is trained as a companion dog, Schutzhund, protection dog, and personal guard dog.

The general obedience course teaches the following commands:

sit, down, stand, come, stay in position, heel, and fetch.

The commands can be given either by voice or by a hand signal from a 20-m distance, no leash. The “heel” command is taught by changing the pace and direction of motion abruptly.  The “stay in position” command teaches the dog to lay still near an object until another command is given.

2nd stage.  Companion dog course.

This course encompasses teaching a dog to follow the commands given under more difficult conditions.  The commands can be given in whisper, by a shorter gesture, or while the handler lies down or sits. A trained dog can also follow the commands given from behind it, from a hidden location, in the dark, and so on. This also includes the commands given from a vehicle, a bike, a boat, and so forth.

3rd stage. Schutzhund.

A dog is taught to guard his owner. The training is play based.  The dog is trained to pursue a perpetrator, to deter him psychologically, and to escort him.  After this course, we can proceed to more rigorous training.

4th stage. Protection dog.

The following skills are taught: active defense reaction, safeguarding an object, protecting the owner, apprehending a criminal, identifying objects by smell, escorting a perpetrator, and preventing escape attempts.

5th stage.  Personal guard dog.

The dog is taught to defend against three persons, to detain up to three persons, to catch a perpetrator jumping a fence, to defend against a knife or firearms, to escort a group of people and prevent escape attempts, to guard a house or an open area, to protect a child, and to guard a vehicle.

  • Dimond

    Name: –

    Breed: Belgian Malinois

    Age: – 


    3x CAC, 3x CACIB, BOB 2016, BIG 2017, BIS 2016, KANS, FCI 1.

    Imported from Russia


    2x CAC, 2x CACIB, BIG 2018, EUW 2016, RKF.

    Imported from Russia

    Price: Upon agreement. Special discount for all services retained at the Academy. Included in price: 5 year follow-up program.

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  • Cooper

    Name: Cooper

    Breed: Golden Retriever

    Training: Family dog

    Gender: Male

    Origin: USA

    Status: SOLD

    • Cooper finished basic obedience and family dog training programs.
    • Cooper loves kids and is devoted to his handler/family.
    • Cooper gets along well with other dogs and is gentle with children

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  • Lucky

    Name: Lucky

    Breed: Labrador Retriever

    Training: Drug detection, Tracking

    Gender: Male

    Origin: Russia

    • This dog finished basic obedience , tracking & searching training programs.
    • Search & tracking dog
    • Confident and gets along well with other dogs.
    • Has experience in bomb searching.


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  • Sasha

    Name: Sasha

    Breed: Yorkshire Terrier

    Training: Drug detection, Tracking

    Gender: Male

    Origin: Russia

    Status: SOLD

    • This dog finished basic obedience, family dog, drug & bomb detection programs.
    • He is intelligent, playful, loyal to kids and devoted to his handler/family.
    • Sasha is confident; with this dog you can travel anywhere.  
    • Sasha gets along well with other dogs and is gentle with children.
    • Sasha has experience drug searching in schools and cars.

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  • Angel

    Name: Angel

    Breed:  Belgian Malinois

    Age: 2 years

    Training: Family dog, Service dog

    Gender: Male

    Origin: Russian

    Status: SOLD

    • Finished basic obedience training, family dog, and service dog training.
    • Trained in three languages: Russian, German, English.
    • Intelligent, playful, loyal to kids and devoted to the family.
    • Confident; with this dog you can travel anywhere.
    • Gets along with other dogs and is gentle with children

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  • Dimond

    Name: Dimond

    Breed: German Shepherd

    Age: 2 years

    Training: Personal Protection, Bodyguard

    Gender: Male

    Origin: USA

    Diamond is the perfect protection dog. He is very manageable. This dog finished basic obedience training, protection training, and bodyguard training program.

    He will be devoted to his owner and handler.


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  • Kayla

    Name: Kayla

    Breed: Rottweiler

    Training: Personal Protection, Bodyguard

    Gender: Female

    Origin: Russia

    • This dog finished basic obedience, family dog , protection, and bodyguard training programs.
    • She is very smart and playful.
    • Perfect for facility or personal protection
    • She will keep you safe.


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