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It so happens that a dog may be amazingly friendly as a puppy, but after a while it begins to get wary, the fur along its back raise more often, eventually it starts barking at people,  and other animals,  then progresses to trying to attack them, jumping on children, and it gets absolutely impossible to live with a dog of this manor. Mistakes made by the owner results in what is considered an aggressive dog, such as lack of training, or lack of particular knowledge needed for fixing behavioral problems in dogs. As a side effect the dog starts growling at kids, chewing furniture or other unacceptable behaviors.

A dog can be normal and only a year later its behavior may change completely. Any dog needs to have a leader by its side. Dogs belong to the species of canines , they live in a gregarious manner. There must be a leader who runs a pack , and the pack lives by the laws established by the leader. If you do not take on the role of the leader, your dog becomes the leader, then you will have to live by the rules established by your dog, and that might become the reason of its aggression.

The second reason of dog’s aggression is that the dog does not feel fully developed, because it did not have proper conditions to develop the necessary qualities. It can lead to cowardly-defensive reaction of the dog . The dog in fear attacks, barks, jumps on people or bites. Not enough games in dog parks with other dogs, or not enough socialization with people and dogs during walks is the reason the dog doesn’t develop the necessary qualities.

The third reason of dog’s aggression is the lack of training. Training allows the dog to understand the commands of his owner, to live by the rules of the owner, and get pleasure from communication with all the members of the family it lives in.

To correct or prevent unwanted development of aggressive behavior the owner needs to turn to professionals, to the company that will teach your dog obedience. If your dog is aggressive, it is not necessary to take it to the vet, or give sedatives to the dog to make it less aggressive, it will only destroy its body, but will not solve the problem. Therefore, this issue should be approached from a professional point of view. The dog should be taken to a professional dog training school. The trainer is going to offer an individually-taylored program for the dog and develop a plan to fix the aggression problem after determining the causes of unwanted behavior.

For the aggressive dog training to be successful all we need is a desire of the owner to really solve the problem, the second – a good professional trainer that will teach the owner how to properly use a leash, toys and treats, how to properly communicate with your dog , avoiding aggressive behavior. With patience and professionalism, Topanga Pet Training can help an aggressive dog to become friendly and happy.

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