Master Dog Training offers a therapy program for adults and children that have disabilities, such as Down’s Syndrome, cerebral palsy, autism, deaf people, visually impaired, have movement issues, for seniors, we have special individual programs that have dogs that work as service or therapy dogs. Service dogs help you in everyday life, while therapy dogs help heal any ailments. In order to train a therapy dog for our clients, we use an individual approach to our clients and show the help that your service dog should be doing. The dog is specially selected by age, size, breed, coat, and the kind of temperament that will best match your lifestyle and the help that you need. Lots of professionalism, and our 4-legged friends are ready to serve you and your family.


This program is unique because it helps children and adults with different disabilities such as autism, cerebral palsy, and down syndrome; as well as deafness and blindness.

Kanis Therapy

Kanis-therapy is divided into 4 stages. Each stage consists of at least 20 classes depending on the patient.


Kanis Therapy – first stage

Kanis Therapy

The first stage is focused on socializing the patient with the dog. The selection of the dog-therapist is based on the individual characteristics of the patient. This stage is one of the most important ones, and lays the foundation for success at an early stage.

 Kanis Therapy – second stage

Kanis Therapy

The second stage is responsible for the development of the relationship between the patient and the dog. This is done through interesting activities that are based on the positive desires of the patient. These activities are ones that can be done with the dog: playing together, sharing a bath, driving together, etc. As a result of this stage, the patient improves his or her vision, hearing, concentration, relaxation, and is able to interact with the environment, people, and with other dogs. This is a great outcome for patients because it allows them feel courageous and better about their ability to do things on their own.

 Kanis Therapy – third stage

Kanis Therapy

The third stage is where the patient develops a strong feeling of importance. This is extremely beneficial to the relationship with the dog. In this stage, the patient must learn to manage a dog with words, gestures, special signals and sounds. He or she gains the ability to properly communicate with the dog therapist and eventually gains complete control of the dog. This stage brings great therapeutic results as the patient becomes aware of the ability to be independent, to manage, and subordinate.

Kanis Therapy – final stage

Kanis Therapy

The final stage is transforming the patient, changing his or her behavior with the understanding of the care he or she provides for his or her beloved four footed friend. This stage includes the understanding of the need for daily walks in accordance with the schedule of his beloved dog. The patient then understands that the walk is not only a game, it is a mandatory exit for dogs to relieve themselves and this must be done regularly. This segment brings about an entire transformation in the patient. At this stage, walking, feeding, and combing the dogs also brings a therapeutic effect, as one begins to understand the meaning of care, love, and living together with his or her beloved dog, which is a significant contribution to the patient’s life.


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