Dog Training Articles

Some facts about dog training

If your dog doesn’t know how to behave and obey, this causes a whole lot of problems both for the owner and for people around you. Naughty dogs cause people to dislike dogs in general. We notice that in the media and on the streets as well.

Education and training are concepts tightly bound together, which makes no use if you try to divide them.

Dog Training and Children. Why do dogs get “jealous”?

A family dog is a favorite pet and every family member has their own bond with the pup.  The relationship is built over time, with shared experiences like living together, playing, and just being around each other.

Usually women tend to be softer and less demanding towards their four legged friend

Dog Training Tips

There are several recommendations Master Dog Training has for dog owners when training their dog: positive, treat-oriented, contrast method, mimic method.

They are effective for dogs of any breed: boxers, german shepards, pugs, pitbulls, etc. If an owner decides to train his dog on his own, he has to find a method that’s going to work for his dog.

Aggressive Dog Training

It so happens that a dog may be amazingly friendly as a puppy, but after a while it begins to get wary, the fur along its back raise more often, eventually it

Puppy Obedience Training

Puppy Obedience Training is very important because it learns so much about the world and it must be properly adapted to the conditions in which it will live. It should learn how
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