Police & Security Seminars

Master Dog Training offers seminars for police and security. With over 15 years of dog training experience, we can help you and your department improve in wide variety of training areas. We have given seminars and worked with multiple police departments throughout the United States, as well as many in Germany and Russia.

A K-9 handler and his or her dog are a team, and it is absolutely necessary for both handler and dog to be able to perform their job at a high quality. The life of a police dog is dependent on the correct actions of a handler , just as the life of the handler is dependent on the dog. Master Dog Training offers many seminars for police and security departments, including the tactics of keeping a person in place. This program includes the rules of holding a suspect, the proper protection of the handler by the dog, and more. With this nailed down, the dog and the handler make an effective team. There are different normatives for different state police departments. These rules dictate how a handler can work with a dog in said state. We provide seminars in accordance with the tests and rules that your department must follow.


A dog must be able to find a person or object in any setting. It is essential that a police dog is able to work through sniffing, as well as through vision. The handler, on the other hand, must properly explain to the dog which smell the dog should be looking for in order to find the person or object he or she is looking for. Similarly, the dog  must be able to find objects in a designated territory, and the handler must know how to work with the dog so that he or she doesn’t miss any spots.  The handler must also know how to properly divide the area in order to make tracking as efficient as possible.

Explosive Detection

A dog that performs detection should be able to find explosives, and the knowledge and professionalism of the handler is valued in order to make sure this work is done correctly. The handler should know the normative for how long the dog can find an explosive in order to able to maintain the dog’s peak activeness. The dog should confidently find the smell of Potassium Chloride, Black Powder, and other explosives. The dog should also be able to find the smell among many others. There are different methods on training explosive detection, which are all based on where the detection is taking place  (a car, a school, or an arena).

Narcotic Detection

A dog that performs narcotic detection uses a specific method that makes him or her very active. The tactics of searching a car, home, plane, vessels, are all different, but the dog must be able to find narcotics in any of these environments, and must signify the detection of them by sitting in front of them, and then you can move on to more difficult work. A police K9 with his dog searches for drugs in a school. Here, the police must use proper rules, and the search must be relatively brief, in order to keep the dog maximally interested. For this, Master Dog Training uses specific equipment that properly teaches the dog and the handler.

Obedience Dog Training

A dog that works in a K9 department works in different settings, and ery often works in an urban area with many people.. The police dog must be friendly to civilians, whether they be male, female, or children. At this moment, the dog should also not forget about his or her task at hand, and remember that they have a job to do. So a K9 handler should understand his dog, and the dog should understand the police officer, and from theis understanding, the rest of the work is done. Police dogs are more than just work partners, they are friends. The handlers live with their dogs, and the dog should be well-behaved at home without any problems. The dog should know the proper rules at home, not bark without reason, not chew restricted items, and behave properly around the handler’s family, and any other pets he or she may have. We also include agility in our obedience training courses, where the police handler and his or her dog, can go through different obstacles, which will make their team, the dog more active and happy.

We specialize in Shutzhund, protection, narcotic detection, bomb detection, and tracking. If you are interested in a seminar by Master Dog Training, please fill out the information below, and we will contact you for a free consultation.

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