Dog Dating

At our school, we have many gorgeous dogs whose owners want to find them same breed friends. Master Dog Training offers dog dating programs, where your furry friend can find love and go on “dates” such as playing and walking together. This dating can make the dogs happier, they will play better together. The owners of these dogs can see that once the dogs get used to each other, they will play very well together. If the dogs are fixed, this program can allow them to find a new friend that they can walk with and play with in the same area. They can play with balls and play tug of war. This will allow them to be happier. We invite you and your dogs to try out this program. Email or give us a call!

Do you want to give your dog a new canine friend without taking on the financial responsibility of another dog?

Master Dog Training offers a “dog dating” program, in which you can find a specially chosen friend for your dog that matches up perfectly with his or her temperament, breed and age. This introduction can be done to make your dog’s life more interesting. Your dog will have a great time with his or her specially chosen friend.

Master Dog Training has such a wide variety of clients, that we’re able to provide a large selection for a special friend for your dog. From small to large breeds, we have a multitude of options available for you and your furry friend.  Our “dog dating” program is perfect if you’re interested in finding a friend for your dog without taking on the large responsibility that comes with a second or third dog. We also offer options for you to pick a dog for friendly walks, games, play dates at each other’s house, which can lead to more.

For example,  our professional owners can help you leave descendants of your dog owners that want to leave descendants of their own dog, regardless of gender, will have this opportunity. Our highly skilled instructors  can help you find a will breed them correctly, which will be healthy for the dog if he or she is not fixed. If the dog is fixed, regardless of breed, our friendly clients can find a good friend that he or she will have fun playing with, and going to train together, as well as doing a camp together, swimming together in the pool after a toy, and playing with a ball. At Master Dog Training, we even had such strong relationships, that the dogs sat and watched tv together, brought toys for each other, and even laid down together. The dog should have the right for introduction. If your dog needs a new friend, but you don’t want to take the responsibility of another dog, this is perfect. Fill out the application below.

If your dog needs a new friend, but you don’t have the means to take in another dog, then this is a great option for making your dog happier, and solving your problem. You wont have to spend on buying a new dog, taking care of it, etc, but at the same time you’ll get a good new companion for your dog.

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