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Best Basic Obedience Dog Training

What Does “Basic Obedience” Mean?

Basic Obedience Dog Training refers to the teaching of verbal commands and hand signals. Obedient dog behavior means that the dog knows what action is expected of them when given a command. An obedient dog knows what behavior is appropriate, knows that you are the pack leader, and teaches your dog a firm foundation for off-leash training.



Use a positive voice tone and a hand signal at the same time, your hand should be in front of him with the palm up.


From a sit position, the dog should lay down next to you. If you are including hand signals, you would put your palm down and move your arm in a downward motion. Make sure he can see your hand.


This means “Wait here until I come back”. If the dog breaks the command, put him back where he started and repeat the exercise. By returning to him instead of calling to him, you build a more consistent response of waiting for you to return.


Your dog knows how to walk on a loose leash on your left side. He should follow you (at your heel) regardless of change of pace, direction, or when you stop. He should not be walking in front of or lagging behind.


This command should interrupt any activity and your dog should come running to you. “Come” is always positive. For best results squat down and say your dog’s name then “come”.

Included in our Basic Obedience Dog Training Program:

  • Full time boarding at our facility for three weeks.
  • Your dog will have two private one on one training sessions with our trainers per day.
  • Two meals per day plus treats
  • Distribution of any medications (if applicable)
  • Group socialization with “the pack”.
  • Highest quality blankets and bedding for snuggling up
  • Three private sessions with the dog owner/family where we will teach you our techniques.
  • Certificate of completion
  • Lifetime of refresh training**
**Lifetime refresh training is limited to training dogs who have completed our 3 week Basic Obedience Program. INCLUDING HAVING HAD COMPLETED THREE LESSONS WITH THE TRAINER. You will still be responsible for overnight boarding costs. (e.g. if Rex comes to stay with us for 7 days, he will receive refresh training for those days at no cost. You will be responsible for the cost of boarding on those days.) Lifetime refresh training only applies to basic obedience and what was learned in that program.

Upon Completion of Basic Obedience Training, Your Dog Will:

  • Know how to respond appropriately to all basic commands.
  • Know how to walk on a loose leash without pulling, zigzagging, or lagging behind.
  • Know how to play in large playgroups or one on one with other dogs.
  • The appropriate way to greet other dogs and humans.
  • Have an introduction to re-call (off-leash) training.

A Secret To Good Dog Behavior

One of the keys to good behavior (basic obedience) is to make sure that your dog gets plenty of exercise. The idea behind this is that exercise releases excessive energy. Your dog’s attention can then be redirected toward calmer and more obedient behavior. Positive reinforcement and consistency are a very important part of your dog’s training, so having a routine will help ensure continued success!

Now It’s Your Turn…

A large part of the success of our Basic Obedience Training Program is reliant on the role of the dog’s guardian. We’ve included three hands on, private lessons for the dog’s family to teach them how to be the pack leader. The goal of these sessions is to ensure that the dog’s guardian understands how to give commands, so that there is a smooth transition home.

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