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Training a Dog – Testing First!

Dog training is a general term. There are dogs of different breeds, sizes, and temperaments, as well as mixed-breeds in which the characteristics of each breed come together.  Our professional trainers take this into account when coming up with an individual training program for your dog.

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Dog Training
Our professional dog trainers will not only train your dog, but will teach you how to properly work with your best friend.

Before training a dog, we perform a specialized test to determine your dog’s nervous system. This will give us the opportunity to see what method of training will work best for training, check his or her athleticism, coordination of movement, hearing, and vision, as well as his or her biting reflex (during play with toys). This test will give us an idea for how fulfilled the dog feels and how able he or she is to play. By using this test, we determine if there will be problems with stress related to sudden noises, activities going on outside, or large, unfamiliar objects. Our trainers will work to get your dog to feel more confident and fulfilled around other dogs, as well as around other people if the test shows that the dog is not able to play well, or has difficulty getting energized.

We also test dogs for their stress levels. For example, for an obedience dog training course for a Labrador, we use a CD with different sudden noises such as gun shots, a train, and barking dogs. The Labrador should not react to the noises, and continues to work because he or she was taught how to play correctly from a young age. Good stress levels allow the owner to take the dog anywhere, leading to a true family dog.

Agility Dog Training

During agility training, we work on coordination of movement, strength, and jumps. This helps the dog feel more fulfilled and happier. Agility is an excellent activity to improve your dog’s nervous system, as we combine obedience and agility to lead to a dog that can easily switch from play to work.

Agility Dog Training Classes
Agility training is essential for your dog’s well-being, and is fun for everyone

Obedience Dog Training

In obedience dog training course, we set the proper rules for your dog to learn how to properly live with your family, like how to properly greet guests. When teaching potty training, your dog should “ask” you to let him or her go outside, where he or she proceeds to go. Training a dog to not ruin flowers, furniture, etc. is  important to do from an early age, because the habits will be ingrained in your puppy’s mind if not worked on.  For behavior modification, our trainers strongly recommend our obedience boot camps, as the dogs are worked with multiple times a day, and undergo intensive obedience training.

Use gestures as well as voice commands to control your dog in any situation

Training an Aggressive Dog

If your dog is aggressive, we can help. We will do a first dog training lesson  in order to determine the root of the aggression. We will socialize the dog, get him or her more able to play and we will teach him or her to take out the aggression on toys instead of people. Your dog will feel more confident . For this we have professionals who have 20 years of experience of working with difficult dogs and who prepared dogs for the police and military.

We’ll help turn you socialize an aggressive dog, allowing you to enjoy weekend outings with your family.
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