Evaluation Class

Free Dog Training Class!
Free Dog Training Class!

Why train with Master Dog Training?

Even after just one training lesson, you will immediately see results in your dog. Our trainers will observe you working with your canine friend and will notify you of, and help you fix any mistakes that could have been leading to behavioral problems.

Get your dog trained by one of the World’s top trainers!

Master Dog Training invites you to come visit our training property in Woodland Hills, CA. With over an acre of land dedicated to dogs, our school is a certified doggy paradise!

Personal Evaluation Class – 45 minutes – $120                              Group classes:
            3 group classes – $175
            6 group classes – $359

Training a Dog Step #1 – The World-Renowned Dog Training Test

The first thing our professional trainers will do when you come in for you first training lesson is identify the nervous system of your dog. There are four canine nervous systems:

  • Choleric – which is when the dog is constantly in a state of elevated energy and it is difficult to get him or her to calm down;
  • Sanguinic – which is the “in-between” and the ideal nervous system for training, and is when the dog is able to easily transition between work time and play time;
  • Phlegmatic – which is when it is difficult to get the dog to show a higher level of energy; and
  • Melancholic – which is when the dog is in a constant depressive state and is extremely difficult to excite with play or food.

Some dogs even demonstrate a mixture of nervous systems. Each type of nervous system warrants an individual style of training, which will all be explained and demonstrated to you by the trainer during your free first training session. The reason why this test is so important is that it allows us to see which individualized style of training needs to be used with your dog, rather than use a “one size fits all” approach, which hardly ever warrants results.

Training a Dog Step #2 –The Stress-Response Test

Another important factor in formulating an individualized training program for your dog is determining his or her stress levels. The way we do this is through a loud-noise response test. If your dog’s stress levels are too high, his or her health could be jeopardized, so our professional trainers will work in increasing your dog’s confidence, subsequently lowering his or her stress levels and improving his or her training performance.

Master Dog Training Property

Our property includes: two large outdoor areas: one for obedience and agility dog training, and the other for Shutzhund training and for relaxation time, a large pool specifically used for exercising our canine students, and indoor facilities that are used in poor weather. Come see what the buzz is about today!

We offer obedience dog training and aggressive dog training for every breed of dog, from small breeds, such as Yorkshire and toy terriers, miniature Pinschers, and Chihuahuas, to breeds such as Labradors, German shepherds, Golden Retrievers, Pitbulls, and Malinois, as well as many other dogs.

We also offer Puppy Obedience Training  for puppies 2 months old and older.

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