Dog Hotel

Dog Hotel At the Royal Dog Training Academy
Dog Hotel At the Royal Dog Training Academy

At the Royal Dog Training Academy, we offer hotels for dogs! Now when you are going on a business trip or vacation, you do not need to ask your friends or relatives to look after your pet.

You can be sure – your dog is in the caring hands

The individual program for dogs that are staying in the hotel is approved by the owner and includes meals according to the schedule of your dog and four walks during the day that are in combination with exercises that enhance physical endurance. The owner must provide to the hotel a healthy dog, and all the necessary documents and vaccines, which are the evidence that the dog is healthy and also individual insurance.

Besides, during your hotel stay, you can also decide to have your dog undergo an additional training course.



The example of the individual complex of the services for the keeping and the caring for the dog:

The time The name of activities
7:00-8:00 The inspection of the dog, walking the dog, cleaning, the cleaning of the cabin
8:00-8:30 The feeding of the dog
8:30-10:00 resting
10:00-12:00 Walking the dog, the training of the dog
12:00-13:00 Physical development of the dog
13:00-14:30 Resting
14:30-15:00 The walking of the dog along with the physical development
15:00-17:00 Resting
17:00-19:00 The training of the dog
19:00-19:30 The feeding of the dog
19:30-20:00 The walking of the dog
20:00-20:30 cleaning, the cleaning of the cabin
20:30-23:00 Resting
23:00 Monitoring the condition of the dog

It is the complex of the daycare of the dog that is in the hotel +dog training + physical development


The Dog Hotel Service price list

The name of the service The cost
Luxury room (TV&AC) $72/Night+Grooming*
Standart room $50/Night+Grooming*
Kennel $30
Dog Lounge Cage (free boarding NEW!) $60

*All Boarding comes with grooming at the end of their stay. If you are paying for more than 2 nights you will get 15% off of the original grooming price.

Additional Services The time (duration) The cost
Extra agility 15 min/1x a Day $10
Extra walk 10 min/1x a Day $10
Personal Playtime 20 min/2x a Day $20
  • All the subsequent daily veterinary checks are included in the cost of the stay.


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