Bodyguard Dog

  This course is aimed at teaching a dog the complicated skills needed to ensure the security of the trainer and the members of his family. Dogs are trained to assess various situations and make their own decisions. By the end of the course, the dogs gain an imbued habit of constantly watching and guarding the trainer (the family members).

The mandatory skills taught during the course “Bodyguard dog” are as follows:

  1. Protection and apprehension in a vehicle
  2. Protection in an apartment
  3. Unsupervised apartment check
  4. Protection of the trainer and his family from an attack while on the street, on an apartment building’s staircase or in the elevator
  5. Protecting against cold weapons and firearms
  6. Psychological restraint of strangers, including drunkards
  7. Protection and apprehension with a muzzle on
  8. Working with a person without special equipment (concealed equipment)
  9. Apprehension, protection, escorting, and guarding of a perpetrator
  10. Unsupervised child protection.

A protection dog is a great friend as well as a reliable bodyguard.

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