Obedience Dog Training Packages

Obedience dog training prepares your dog for home manners, to be friendly with others & confident outside off-leash, as well as follow the commands despite surrounding distractions.
Royal Dog Academy offers Obedience Training programs tailored specifically for your dog & includes Basic and Advanced classes, with upgrade option to private in-home training! For best results, 3-5 classes per week is recommended

Basic obedience (onleash)

Standard – 5 lessons – $585 (117)
Comprehensive – 10 lessons – $1100 (110)

Main goal of this package is to prepare your dog to be outside & listen to commands with distractions
Featured Goals & Commands:

  • Sit, Down, Place, Come, Play
  • No-pulling Leash Walking
  • Stop jumping on people
  • Eliminate property damage

Advanced obedience (after Basic Comprehensive, off-leash)

Standard – 5 lessons – 700$ (140$)
Comprehensive – 10 lessons – 1250$ (125$)

Offers further obedience development for your dog which allows it to follow more complex commands from any owner’s
position,no matter of situation or area
Featured Goals & Commands:

  • Extended Sit, Heel, Watch, Front,
    Touch & many more
  • Off-leash public areas walks
  • Indifference to actions of other dogs
  • & many more!

Basic and advanced Obedience Combo (On-leash/Off-leash)

Full – 10 lessons 5 + 5 – 1285$ (128.5$)
Complete – 20 lessons 10 + 10 – 2250$(112.5$)

Complete obedience package that includes both Basic & Advanced fundamentals.
Includes all necessary methods & commands to keep the owner’s daily life confident & dog happy!

Number of commands depends on the length of the course, please contact us for details


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