Accustoming the dog to its place

The accustoming of the dog to its place is an integral part of the basic obedience course of the successful training. The command “stay” must be understood by every animal. It is best to accustom the puppy to this from an early age since in puppyhood the dog learns much more easily and remembers much faster. In Dog Training school of Master Dog Training Company at a small cost, you can order the training even of the pet, starting from 2.5 months. The price of this service in Los Angeles is low, as the training of the dog to the command “stay” is spent a little time.

The acquired skill is useful in such cases:

  • The dog is begging for something from the table.
  • Is jumping on the guests.
  • The dog is frolicking in the house and you need to calm her down.

The trainers of our school in Los Angeles have the experience in accustoming the dog to its place. In principle, only after this, it is worth continuing the further education, because without it nothing else will be working out. A competent approach and systematic actions are the keys to the success. By ordering this service is the laying of the foundation for the obedience.

How to accustom the dog to its place

The course of the training the dog on the command “stay” is simple and suitable even for an adult dog, the dog should know the commands “lie” and “come” and the command “forward” in the voice and the gesture. The command forward has a lot of functions and is used for the various purposes of sending the dog to its place, sending the dog to the search after the scent trail. The fastest to study are the young dogs, as their psyche is ready to receive new information. The training of the dog on the command “stay” is occurring in different ways, but it is most effective to train on the basis of the individuality and temperament of the dog, but one of the ways we will describe:

  1. By showing to the dog its place – The dog is lied down on its bedding at the same time as the command stay is said and the dog is encouraged by delicacy from the bedding itself and with the repeating the command Stay Good Stay.
  2. The Accustoming of the dog for the returning to its place The dog is at a distance from the marked place and the trainer by giving the command stay motivates her to move towards the marked place bypassing him around and laying down afterward to put a delicacy on the place saying well place up to 10 times from different distances
  3. The accustoming the dog not to leave the place by using different methods depending on the temperament of the dog. To teach not to leave the place to stay there for a longer period of time and a long distance from 5-100 meters. For each dog, depending on the temperament are used different methods.

The process is carried out several times until the command “stay” is imprinted in the mind of the dog. Every time the animal obeys, it is abundantly praised and treated with the delicacies. Then the training will be associated with pleasant associations. Crying and using force is strictly prohibited. Our specialists at the affordable cost will help you to avoid mistakes and to develop the good habits that would be useful in the everyday life and in the service. The training mechanisms that are used by our are tested and practical.

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