The features and the benefits of the clicker-training

The clicker-training enjoys the considerable attention. In Los Angeles, this service is offered at an affordable price by the Master Dog training school. The method of the clicker-dog training has been used for a long time. It gives positive results. It can be used with a certain temperament of dogs, but not with all the types of dogs this method of training works. For example, dogs of the choleric type are too excitable for applying the clicker training, although it is possible to work with all types of dogs, most effectively it works with the dogs of the sanguine type which have the good communication with the owner. The clicker-training is an exclusive technique, which our experts offer with knowledge.

The clicker-dog training involves the using of a special device that makes a unique and recognizable sound. It is heard after the dog’s control and obedience. Then the trainer expresses his approval, by giving the dog something tasty, so the dog realizes that she has pleased trainer. This method is used for the education of small and adult animals, but it is advisable to begin already at the age of 2.5 months. We advise you to order this service at an affordable price from our specialists from Los – Angeles, who have achieved great success and are well acquainted with the using of this technique.

The clicker-training: what is the secret of this technique?

Often the dog seems being neglecting the command, not because the dog is getting obstinate, but because can simply not understand the command. Especially this happens when the owner starts to be too much expressive and emotional. The clicker-dog training is a good way for the establishment of the communication, a good way for the communicating, but for the solving of the problems in the dog’s behavior, this method is not always suitable. It is necessary to take into the account the individual characteristics of the dog, to be focused on its prevailing reaction and to change accordingly the way of the training.

  • The action;
  • The click;
  • The reward.

Thus, the pet develops a logical picture, and he knows what is expected of him.  The excess emotionality is removed; the time for communication is reduced. The professionals of our school will give you help in the training. The clicker – training can also be used for the disaccustoming the dog from the wrong habits because the dog hears the signal of the device only when it shows obedience.

You can order training with the using of this method and make sure of the effectiveness of this exclusive service.

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