Dog Training Tips

DOG TRAINING-2There are several recommendations Master Dog Training has for dog owners when training their dog:

There are several methods of training:

– positive

– treat-oriented

– contrast method

– mimic method

They are effective for dogs of any breed: boxers, german shepards, pugs, pitbulls, etc.

If an owner decides to train his dog on his own, he has to find a method that’s going to work for his dog.


  1. Dog training must be done using a positive method of communication between the dog and owner.
  2. It is very important that the dog is hungry before the training, and it is important to pick  the right treat, so it can be motivating for your dog. Our experience has proven that dogs are better motivated by simply boiled meat with no additives, instead of treats you buy from your local pet store. The fact that there is no salt, pepper, seasonings, etc. added to the meat lets the dog stay active longer since there are no ingredients that cause the dog to become dehydrated.
  3. There are several different ways to reward your dog for obeying your commands, you should choose them depending on the age and psychological state of the dog. For instance, it’s better to train your puppy using a play method. It helps to develop the puppy through his or her instincts, where they follow the toy as if it were prey. Moreover, the communication with the owner through the game develops a stronger bond between them. This way, when the puppy has  need to socialize he automatically remembers him playing with the owner and he wants to train again.
  4. For adult dogs, we recommend using the reward method based on their personal qualities. For example, training a german shepherd is different from training a labrador. Positive training method for labradors is usually through playing with balls, encouragement and petting.  However, training of a yorkshire terrier with its temperament  can be completely different. Some yorkshire terriers are nice and shy, some can even be aggressive. Step by step the aggressive behavior can be eleminated, but  we would recommend to use help of a professional trainer who knows psychological differences of dogs.


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