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Finding an experienced dog trainer for the training of the dogs in Sherman – Oaks (Beverly Hills) is quite a difficult task because not all specialists in the district provide really high-quality services. Therefore, it is necessary to address exclusively to proven dog training centers. The Master Dog Training company in Beverly Hills has ten years of the experience in this field and is ready to help you.

The high quality of the services of our school is confirmed by numerous feedback from grateful customers. At the same time, the cost of the dog’s training in Studio City, Sherman – Oaks, and Beverly Glen and the cost of the service are of the same quality, and the flexibility of offers allow you to get the services and the flexible enough price offers.


  • The breed – affects the certain behavioral characteristics of the individual that are the characteristic of a particular species and can affect the effectiveness of the work;
  • With puppies – the training sessions are held throughout the day more often, but in a short period of time in order, the puppy’s interest in training to remain always active and the psychics will able to perceive the information in this way such skills as patientness, perseverance and the love of training are instilled at a young age;
  • The temperament – depending on the activity of the animal, the training methodology is adjusted. If the dog is active, then the training is carried out in a game form, and if the dog is more phlegmatic, the encouraging method comes to the fore;
  • The district – during the training, the specificity of the terrain is taken into account. The dog during training and living on the territory is affected by weather conditions, climate, characteristical noises, smells, and a certain intensity of the city, traffic intensity on the roads and certain features of the construction of houses and of the buildings that are located around and affect it and the psychics. The trainer of the dogs is taking into the account the specifics of the area in Beverly Hills, Studio City, Sherman Oaks, and by taking into account the above-listed factors, uses this knowledge in the training of the dog to teach it such courses as basic obedience, family dog training, service dog certification, and protection training

Thanks to such an individual approach, the training of dogs in Beverly Glen is carried out in the shortest possible time and without prejudice to your pet. At the request of the owner, the training can be conducted according to a specially developed individual program.

To finding out the cost or to order the dog training service in Beverly Hills, please leave your contact information in the form for feedback or visit one of our three dog training schools in Los Angeles.

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