The school for the training of the dog trainers

The dog training education it sounds very exciting, what does this education include in itself and can anyone become a dog trainer?

First, let’s figure out who the instructor dog trainer, and what is his main goal in the training of the dogs.

So, the trainer is an expert in a certain field of the dog training, who has a narrowly focused theme.

The dog trainer’s education is already a higher education.

The instructor dog trainer – is a specialist who, starting from the foundations of the dog training, masters the knowledge of the organizational processes, from the creation of the educational and methodological training, of the dogs and the dog trainers to the creation of a full-scale educational system. He organizes the service with the help of the dog service and of the instructors in the various spheres of the official activities and the civil spheres.

Anyone who has taken the path of the professional dog training should realize that his choice is a great responsibility and work that is intertwined with the love for the dogs and his desire to be realized for the benefit of his state and people.

In the beginning, the future instructor – trainer becomes the junior specialist of the dog service – the guide, who is responsible for care and maintenance, takes the part of the training processes, and masters the rules of the care and maintenance of the dogs.

Then the junior specialist, while learning the science that is called dog training, moves to the level of the instructor-dog trainer, by passing a certain educational process and acquiring the necessary practical and theoretical experience in order to go to the school of dog trainers – instructors. As it was mentioned above, the instructor – a trainer – is a specialist who will teach the dog different programs and apply the dog in accordance with these programs, for example, the basic obedience course – is the general dog’s education, that is, dog management skills that can be used, as in ordinary life, and also in the terms of service.

The next stage in the training of the instructor – dog trainer is protection training. During this stage of the training, methods, techniques, and mechanisms for the formation of the protective qualities in the dog are studied. After studying this material, the instructor has acquired the skills of training dogs for the protection training, applies dogs in the detention and convoy of the detained criminal, as well as in the other areas where the dog is used to protect the territory and special facilities.

The next section is related to the usage of the dog’s sense of smell. The searching dog training is a broad branch of the dog training course, but we will mention only one section – “the use of dogs by searching after the scent trail”. During the training, the instructor studies the use of the dogs on the scent trail, the training of the dogs and the methods of applying the dogs on the scent trail.

Each one of the specialists has his level and application in which he applies his skills and each level of the specialist is limited to his educational experience and gives him the opportunity for the further development.

The instructors – dog trainers are divided into different categories, for example, the agility instructor that is the obstacle course, the service dog instructor – the physical development of the dog and the skills of operating the dog, the instructor- trainer for the training of the nursing dogs or the service dogs that is a separate direction of the training. Each of these instructors should know each of these separate topics, but at the same time, he must be able properly to maintain and care for the dog or group of the dogs that are entrusted to him.

The instructors dog trainers are divided into the levels: the instructor without any level, the third class instructor, the trainer instructor of the second-class, the trainer instructor of the first class, and the instructor of the master class. Each level means the number of the training topics that he has mastered, as well as his experience in teaching, and producing of the trained people and dogs. As soon as the instructor rises to the level of an master dog trainer instructor this is an expert who can receive an education that will lead him to the category of the dog trainer and he will learn how to manage the dog training unit with all its methodological tasks with a completely correctly constructed concept of the training dogs and instructors of the animal trainers in different fields of the application.

Dog training – the science about dogs. The instructor dog trainer is a profession that a person chooses by the call of the heart, and this is why he is inspired by a great love for the dogs. The training for such a person will always be interesting and exciting.

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