Patrol and Detection Dogs

This service is a great way to prevent theft and stop employees from illegally carrying out material objects from the company’s premises. Dogs can help you find strange objects and people at large factories or plants with a lot of personnel and extensive circulation of valuable items that need protection.

Trained detection dogs have extremely sensitive olfactory organs as well as a robust nervous system. This allows them not only to discover but even to discern individual smells. The dogs’ natural qualities help them to work efficiently and independently at night under poor visibility conditions without any technical support from night vision equipment.

A dog is much more efficient than a human in locating a thief and informing a security officer. Detection dogs will save money to your business without any damage to human dignity.

An important fact: all industrial theft at all objects guarded by our dogs has stopped completely!

Detection dogs are highly effective and work with great efficiency in various areas.

A dog can search for a human following his tracks as well as the smell. When searching for a human, a dog can cover great distances, follow old tracks, pursue the perpetrator never losing his track at 10-12 km.

Detection of explosives by specially trained dogs. Explosives that contain

Plastic explosives
Gunpowder (regular or smokeless)

and other explosives can found by sniffer dogs. By doing that, they eliminate a threat to people’s lives and thus do great service to the society. Sniffer dogs trained for explosives detection are used at airports, sea ports and railway stations. They check the premises to provide safety at bus stations, subway stations, and many other places where even modern detection devices cannot be used and the dogs are irreplaceable. Explosives detection dogs are able to discern individual scents of explosives even when they are combined with other scents or thoroughly masked by the criminal. The dog indicates a ‘hit’ by lying down, a method that is both safe and effective.

Detection of drugs using specially trained dogs. Detection canines can search for illegal drugs such as

Cannabis (marijuana), hashish,
Cocaine, crack,
Opiates (opium, opium oil, poppy straw),
Synthetic drugs, amphetamines, LCD, and others.

Specially developed imitation drugs are used to train dogs to detect the smell of real drugs.

Narcotics detection dogs sniff vehicles for drugs, which saves time of a vehicle search compared to other methods. Sniffer dogs detect the smell of drugs in a vehicle with high accuracy. Various defense and law enforcement agencies that work to prevent the storage and transportation of illegal drugs employ drug detection canines. A sniffer dog can find drugs in any weather and under any conditions. This saves time that the police would have otherwise spent searching premises, vehicles, and luggage. They are able to then catch drug traffickers and distributors before they put these products on the market. If they are caught red-handed, then they are going to be in need of the best criminal defense attorney in harrisburg pa, or an attorney in their location depending on where they were apprehended, to see how they can be guided through this process, whether it be their first time being arrested or another one on their record.

Master Dog Training professionals train dogs for all kinds of search and detection services. Master Dog Training possesses a vast practical experience in detection dogs training and excellent training grounds and resources. Master Dog Training is an exclusive distributor of the explosives and drugs scent imitations made in the USA.

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