The training of the puppy

The proper education of the puppy should begin from the very first day when the dog has appeared in your house. However, as the practice shows, the beginning dog owners make the fundamental mistakes, that are leading to the fact that the dog becomes unbearable with its age. Since very many behaviors and habits are laid precisely in the puppyhood, it is therefore very difficult for adult dogs to correct the behavioral errors that have been done and made from the puppyhood. To avoid such situations, it is better to be preoccupied in advance with the training of a puppy in a professional dog training center.

For more than 7 years, the Master Dog Training School has been working in Los Angeles, providing the highly qualified training services for the small puppies. Our vast experience allows you to achieve the desired result in the fairly short time and without any prejudice to your pet.

In our centers, the puppy training with the commands is carried out in the several stages, and is based on the following principles:

  • in the process of the training, the behavioral characteristics of each dog are taken into account;
  • The amount and the number of the exercises is significantly smaller than for the adults, which is due to the age of the dog;
  • Our experienced dog trainers take into account the character traits of each individual breed and already on the basis of their knowledge develop a certain approach and training requirements.

The proper puppy training includes an additional repetition of all the exercises with the owner. Therefore, we have training sessions with the owners of these dogs, which allow us to achieve the maximum result of the entire program of training.

To order the service and find out the cost of the puppy training, you can online, in the phone mode or by visiting one of the three dog training centers in Los Angeles.

If you’re from the UK and looking to get your puppy trained, there are dog training facilities that specialize in this field. The Newcastle Dog Trainer could help your puppy get the training he/she needs.

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